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The W. Maybee Inc team

Taking on your challenging projects

Bill & Mike Maybee plan and oversee every detail of every project from concept to move in. Always on site with an extreme hands-on management style, they work closely with the customers, designers, and subcontractors.

As career carpenters and avid builders, they frequently take on the most challenging and complicated building projects in a scope of work. The old adage “if you want it done right, you better do it yourself!”

Our larger team:

Having worked locally for many years they have amassed a large base of service professionals that they work with and recommend, subcontractors, vendors, designers, engineers, architects, rentals, etc. All of whom are local licensed experts in their respected fields. In fact many referrals have come to W. Maybee Inc. from their service professionals over the years as they all know and appreciate the degree of service and quality that they provide.

What our clients are saying

Dear Bill and Mike.

We are beyond happy with the extension you built for us and for your continued help with anything and everything! You fellows are the absolute best. Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time, as we are great fans of yours.

We were particulary pleased that everything you said you would do actually got done! You kept us abreast with good communication to let us know what would be happening each step of the way. Your scheduling and follow through were beyond all expectations. You were neat, organized, respectful, and a pleasure to work with. In fact, we were sorry to see you leave at the end of the job.

We want you to kn ow that whatever work we do in our home, you will be the only ones we call. We have confidence and trust in you and we appreciate the fact that you take pride in your work and go the extra yard for your customers.

You deserve the accolades!

Cynthia & Allen S.
Home Owners

It is with great pleasure that I recommend W. Maybee Inc as a GC. Not only he comes fully prepared every day, but the site stays clean and protected at all times.

Bill pays attention to detail and works for the best interest of the project. His company arrives on time early morning and keeps constant communication with Project Managers and Designers. There is nothing better than knowing that you can work on another project at the office while Bill is taking care of the client, shows up, and works diligently and precisely to deliver the final results desired.

W. Maybee Inc is definitely an asset for every project. Everybody is very professional and has good people skills.

I feel confident to highly recommend Bill and Mike Maybee.

Alacasa Design Studio LLC

Undertaking a renovation while you are able to inspect the work can be challenging. Completing a project when you are living in another city as you can appreciate creates many unique challenges and highlights the importance of a skilled "Renovation Team". Being experienced with the renovation process, I know how important it is to pick the right team, professionals whose word is their bond.

Initially we were concerned about the process, quality of work, completion dates, budget control etc. as we were living in Toronto when the project was being completed. However our fears were very quickly put to rest as it became quite obvious that we had nothing to worry about. We received regular project updates with pictures showing the progress vs. the project plan via email.

During the entire process they managed all the sub trades, ensured that the house was kept clean and most importantly performed and monitored all aspects of the renovation to ensure that our quality expectations were not just met but exceeded. W. Maybee Inc. was extremely adaptable working together making adjustments on the go, in order to keep our project on track.

I highly recommend W. Maybee for your "Renovation Projects" if you seek total customer satisfaction, quality work & your project timely completed.

Jeffrey F.
Home Owner

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Before and After Shots

All photos are of our custom work, performed by the W. Maybee team

Areas of expertise:

W. Maybee, Inc. is family-owned and operated by brothers Bill and Mike Maybee, and has been based in Delray Beach for 27 years since moving from The Florida Keys in 1992. They specialize in remodeling, build-outs, and new construction, primarily in the prestige neighborhoods of Boca Raton and Delray Beach.

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About us

W. Maybee, Inc. is family-owned and operated by brothers Bill and Mike Maybee, and has been based in Delray Beach for 27 years since moving from The Florida Keys in 1992.

They specialize in remodeling, build-outs, and new construction, primarily in prestige neighborhoods of Boca Raton and Delray Beach.
Because of the constant contact with the client, close attention to every detail, and follow up after every successfully completed job, Bill and Mike have a stellar local reputation and an extensive customer list.

By making sure that the customer always comes first and treating every home as if it were their own, they have a broad catalogue of references and letters of recommendation.

"Turning your dreams into a reality"